Buying or Leasing your Home in the Greater Austin Area

Are you looking to buy a home? Would you like to talk to someone regarding all your questions about the process? Would you like help with the process without any obligation? You think you can do it alone? Think again. Read here why buyers need representation. Always remember the sellers agent, including the sales people at new home construction are representing the seller, to look out for their interest. Click on the map left to start the search. About the house you are going to buy - Do you know how to negotiate with the builder? With the seller? You need professional help. If you are a new home buyer please see what to expect from me as a Realtor & Loan Professional. TIP #1: When buying a brand new home, it is a good idea to have a buyers' agent represent you. This costs you nothing, as the agent gets paid by the builder. Particularly if you have a home to sell, the builder is more than happy to pay your agent. They know that a pro is overseeing the situation and making sure it's done well. On your journey to home ownership, sometimes a stumbling block could be getting a mortgage loan for your house, I can help you finding the right loan for you, and help you clear that hurdle. I am a licensed mortgage professional as well.

Selling Your Home in the Austin Area?

Maybe you are looking to move to a bigger house. Or maybe you are planning to move down to a smaller house after the last child left for college. Do you know how much your house will sell for now? Do you know how to prep your house for a quick sale? Do you know how to price it to sell? I can help you with all that. Read here what I do when listing a house with me. TIP #2: Looking to sell your home 'For Sale By Owner(FSBO)? National Association of Realtors statistics show that a home sold through a Realtor will get the seller an average of 9.5% more than an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) transaction. Even considering the service fees, that's still 3.5% more than an FSBO. It's basic economics of supply and demand. The Realtors in your area will have many more potential buyers for the home than the FSBO will ever have. More buyers mean higher prices in less time. Still not convinced. Read more about why listing with an agent is not just a good idea, but better for your transaction.


Congratulations on your smart move! Living in Austin since 1989 provides me the experience to help you to find the right place for your home. I can also help you find an apartment for you to live until you move to your own house or find a house to lease.


REAL ESTATE: Austin is HOT!! From a sleepy town, I have seen Austin grow to a vibrant city, and a well deserved growth. The city is expanding into suburban cities like Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander Liberty Hill, Jonestown, in the north and Kyle, Buda, Dripping Springs, Bastrop in the South. If you are interested in investing in real estate in Austin, just see what kind of properties are available. I have set up a public access for you to get a peek at Austin Real estate market. Here is a list of houses which are priced under $100,000. You wanted to find out what kind of investment properties you might be able to pick up in Austin Area? Here is a comprehensive list. If you intend to research further, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. If you like to specifically see certain investment properties for sale, please email me, and I can add to the list above. If you are interested in buying or selling businesses? The typical businesses I deal with cash flow properties like:
Gas Stations
Ethnic Grocery Stores
Car Wash
Hotel/Motel etc. I have a few ones which are very good income properties. Call me before they are gone! Click here for the businesses for sale. If you are thinking about 1031 Exchange Austin and the vicinity is a good place to park your dollars. Talk to me about finding the property before you even list your property for sale.

Why I chose Real Estate as a Profession

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Anonymous Helping others is a passion for me from a very young age. I find being in the Real estate and mortgage services provides an opportunity to impact individuals and families positively. I find services rendered to people directly as more satisfying than the previous jobs I held. Humbly I would like to state that, with my help, many families have saved money and received the services they deserve. I'm very fortunate to have a job that is filled with novel and exciting challenges nearly every day, and that brings me into contact with new people and new viewpoints. “If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid. 32There is another who testifies in my favor, and I know that his testimony about me is valid." John 5:31,32

Customer Comments:

About Me

About Hem Ramachandran Originally from India, Hem has graduated with an engineering degree and have worked in the Indian Space Research organization for three years before deciding to pursue post graduate degree at UT Austin. Hem has a combined work experience in various areas for 30 years. Integrity, Sincerely, loyalty, trustworthiness, excellence in what he does - are the qualities he strive to live for. After completing the degree, he started working at Applied Materials, a semiconductor manufacturing company, was trained in Kaizen, Six Sigma and manufacturing methodologies. He continued at Applied for 6 years till the economic downturn during 1998. He ventured into IT(Information Technology) and started up and ran a division of an IT company named Marlabs for five years and made it profitable during the Y2K (year 2000) time, and have done projects for startup companies for online application development and hosting (doing cloud when cloud was not as popular as today) and database services. When he left the company in 2003, we were hosting two racks of servers from a downtown data centers serving over 200 clients worldwide. He challenged himself to a new career path in Real Estate and started a Real Estate company with, at the peak time around 19 agents. As a broker he has many years of experience in superior customer services and has honed his sales skills and people management skills. Later, along with the real estate company, he started a mortgage company (Indus Loans, now under hibernation) and a tax preparation company under the name Tax Time.

I am not the traditional Realtor whom you might have come across before. My primary aim is to use my expertise, licenses, time and effort to help you save money and heart ache in the process of real estate or mortgage transaction. I am not quite business driven, I am more people driven, and I believe in high level of ethics. You can trust me, I have only your welfare in my mind. When I look for a house, it is like looking to buy my own house. I want you to make a better decision in the biggest debt of your life, a commitment to a mortgage, because I am involved in the process. For example, for my clients, as a Mortgage consultant I offer 'at par' rate what the bank (or investors) offers for a loan, never mark it up. I don't charge junk fees for any items you see on the mortgage forms, if there was an expense incurred it will show, if not, it won't. I normally base my fee as 1% of the loan. It will most of the time come out to be cheaper for you. The lenders fees would be additional. I call Austin home, since 1989. Austin is a rapidly developing into a sprawling metro and I try my best to keep up with all the developments so that I can benefit my clients.

Regarding my background

I was born in beautiful state of Kerala, India in 1964, graduated summa cum laude from College of Engineering, Trivandrum in Mechanical Engineering in 1986, worked at the Indian Space Research Organization till 1989, obtained a Masters degree in Engineering from University of Texas at Austin in 1992, worked in various firms before becoming a Real Estate and Mortgage professional. Whether it is a home, investment property or land purchase/sell process, I will represent you to your benefit, as an advisor, as a supporter, and overseeing the process so that you are not taken for a ride and thereby saving you money.

Member, Austin Board of Realtors
Member, Texas Realtors Association
Member, National Association of Realtors
Member, CCIM (Commercial Real Estate Chapter)
Ex Chair, India Community Center
Board Member, Austin Asian American Chamber of Commerce
You can contact me by clicking this link or call me direct on 512.377.9760
On August 7th, I had a baby girl.


Looking to sell your home?

I can represent you, and you can list your home with me. I will do all the ground work -pricing, marketing, qualifying buyer, helping with the process, closing - to sell the home..

Looking to buy a home?

I can represent you to get the best deal for you, navigate you through the trecherous slopes of home buying negotiating with the seller or the builder..

Looking for the best loan?

I can help you educate on the loans, find the best loan for you, and find you creative ways to help you afford the home you like. I can help you find the best loan which has the lowest interest rate in the industry and lowest cost. This alone will save you thousands of dollars in the long run..

Looking to invest in Real Estate?

Let me help you find the deal you are looking for. I can help you invest in land, commercial or income generating propertings and other real estate investments..

Looking to relocate to Austin?

I can help you with finding a good place to stay and help you look for the house of your dreams. Call me at 512.970.6336, or email me hem AT


Looking for a new career change?

Be a Realtor! One of the easy ways to start a new profession. We will pay you to get your license and pass the exam! Passing the examination doesn't guarantee career success. We will provide you all the tools and necessary tips in becoming a successful Realtor. Condition: You will reimburse the cost when you get your first fee check. Ask us how.


Want to join The Indus Team?

Do you have the passion to help people? Are you willing to give you 100% towards your clients welfare? Would you work for their benefit and put yourself second? Will you be interested to help investors find and manage properties? Is money is not the top factor is becoming a Realtor, but being at service to others? Do you have any new ideas in working as a Realtor and would like to see them implemented in a group? Are you a sharing person who would like to share the ideas which made you successful to the group and lead them to success as well? Please contact us to explore the possibilities. Email me

Added Advantage:

The usual spiel from a Realtor to the Home Seller at the Kitchen table: "1/3rd of my money goes to my broker. 1/3rd goes for marketing, taxes and other expenses. The rest is what I have to bring food to feed my children." Tired of making this talk at the negotiation table? Keep all the money you will work hard for, pay your expensive professional memberships. Or have flexibility in your negotiation. Join our team. Indus Real Estate Services will be primarily focused on giving a better life for Realtors. We plan to provide training, hand holding for new Realtors so that they can go to the world and be professional and successful. At Indus, Broker/Agent relationship will be of a Mentor relationship in the beginning, until you can soar by yourself. Once established, looking to provide health care, dental care, pension plans etc.. Like an employee owned Coop. It is your participation and commitment which makes it to work. Also have intentions to have all the real estate related services borough in house. Mortgages, Titles, Escrow. Some of you might not like it, but a one stop shop for all the real estate needed transactions. All ideas welcome. Email me.

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